Philosophy of Finance

Financial markets have a profound impact on modern life, yet the frenetic pace at which financial transactions occur, and the speed with which innovation transforms financial practice, offer little opportunity for the practitioner to reflect upon the ways in which the practice of finance is shaping modern life.

At the same time, the fluidity of financial practice presents challenges for scholars, questioning received models of financial markets and their import.

The Program on the Philosophy of Finance engages students, scholars and practitioners with the goal of addressing fundamental questions raised by the practice of finance. Through conferences, seminars, working groups and publications, the Program on the Philosophy of Finance will create the space necessary for this interdisciplinary reflection.

From Practice to Theory

Aristotle taught us to begin with particulars when approaching theory. By investigating problems arising in the practice of finance, we seek neglected questions, overlooked areas that promise superior returns in the form of new theoretical insights.

From Theory to Practice

Because finance professionals face incentive structures that constrain action, scholars need the input of practitioners in order to discover how theories may be made practical. By bringing practitioners and scholars together, we can ensure that reflection provides guidance for the world in which we live.

The Quest for Wisdom

Drawing on Collegium’s strengths, the Program on the Philosophy of Finance engages in interdisciplinary inquiry, drawing insights from a variety of disciplines (philosophy, theology, economics, finance, etc) and spanning the history of thought in search of wisdom today.


Working Group

The Philosophy of Finance Working Group draws together undergraduate and graduate students in order to explore the work of both scholars and practitioners in order to address the fundamental questions raised by the practice of finance.

The program seeks to create the space necessary for this interdisciplinary approach, melding theory and practice, to cultivate a fullness and nuanced disposition towards the field of finance.

The Philosophy of Finance Working Group meets monthly over lunch to explore fundamental questions raised in the practice of finance.

Fall 2018

For our inaugural year, we will consult classic and contemporary texts on the nature of money, providing insight into pressing questions like the Eurocrisis and the rise of cryptocurrency. We welcome interested undergraduate and graduate students, particularly those in related disciplines.

The Philosophy of Finance Working Group meets once a month on Tuesdays from 12:00-1:20 PM in Bishop White Room in Houston Hall.  We will dive into the Philosophy of Money for the full year and the dates for the Fall semester are: Oct 9th, Nov 13th, and Dec 4th. Lunch will be provided.

To apply, please send a brief statement of interest to our Program Fellow, Philippe Becker, at

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Collaborate with us

If you are interested in learning more, or signing up for announcements about Philosophy of Finance programming, please contact our Program & Communications Coordinator Jessica Ferro at:

If you are a practitioner or a scholar of finance and/or philosophy and are interested in collaborating with us on seminars, conferences, working groups and publications, please contact our Associate Director John Buchmann at: