Undergraduate Fellows Program

The Collegium Institute Undergraduate Student Fellows form an intellectual community at the University of Pennsylvania committed to exploring the past, present, and future of academic learning as a whole. Student fellows show varying degrees of interest in the meaning of the liberal arts, the promise of the research university, and the study of the intellectual tradition of Catholicism or other religions in both contexts.

All, however, seek to reflect together upon the inter-relation of knowledge across the university, and form friendships in the common pursuit of truth. They pursue the questions that transcend the disciplines, while striving to draw wisdom from each one. The Fellows program is open to Penn students of all confessions and affiliations.

For more information and application inquiries, please contact Emmie Brown, our program fellow & operations coordinator, at

For a list of our current student fellows, please visit

Student Fellows of the Collegium Institute are granted a number of academic opportunities, including:

1. Serve on the executive committee of the Collegium Institute Student Association at Penn.  In that capacity, fellows help design Collegium undergraduate programming, committing to a minimum of two programming meetings per year.  It also includes involvement in the nomination and selection process for new fellows each year.

2. Depending upon the fellows’ own particular interests, design Food For Thought, the Paideia Seminar, the Faith & Reason seminar, and propose special events and guest speakers. Fellows will also have an integral role in hosting programs like the coffee chats and organizing community outings.

3. Have special Access to the Institute’s Guest Speakers and Faculty Senior Fellows, which includes invitations each semester to join the speakers’ dinners and private receptions after Collegium Institute events.