Undergraduate Fellows Program

Now Accepting 2020 Applications!

The Undergrad Fellows form a community committed to exploring the past, present, and future of academic learning as a whole. Student fellows show varying degrees of interest in the meaning of the liberal arts, the promise of the research university, and the study of the intellectual tradition of Catholicism or other religions in both contexts.  All, however, seek to reflect together upon the inter-relation of knowledge across the university, and to build friendships in the common pursuit of truth. They pursue the questions that transcend the disciplines, while striving to draw wisdom from each one. The Fellows program is open to Penn students of all affiliations and faiths (or non-faiths).

Collegium Undergraduate Fellows help shape programs like Food For Thought, Friday Café, the Paideia Seminar, and the Faith & Reason seminar, as well as community outings for the fellows alone. Fellows also receive special access to the Institute’s guest speakers and Faculty Fellows, which may include invitations to join staff and guest speakers for private dinners and to participate in faculty-mentored research opportunities.  We also look forward to developing an Undergraduate Fellow Executive Committee with elected positions.

To apply, please fill out the brief form below, which includes a request for a statement of interest (150 – 300 words). Your statement might relate to engagement in specific CI programs or to the pursuit of broader questions, including but not limited to: the relationship between the liberal arts and cutting-edge knowledge, the relationship between faith and reason, or the search for a meaningful humanism today. The priority application deadline is Monday, December 30th. 

Apply now!

For more information and application inquiries, please contact Emmie Brown, our program fellow & operations coordinator, at ebrown For a list of our current student fellows, please visit