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Analytic philosophy is associated with a line of founding fathers. Also prominent in its history are the philosophical schools and movements that grew up around its dominant male figures.

What is absent from that history is the collective story of four women who became friends as undergraduates at Oxford University during WWII, when the men who dominated the classrooms and the SCR were away from campus, and they remained life-long philosophical companions.

This special seminar outlines their shared philosophical agenda, method and stance, collaboratively developed in Philippa Foot’s living room between 1946 and 1948. We argue that this shared programme ought to constitute them as a distinct philosophical school within the history of analytic philosophy.

The seminar will be co-presented by Dr. Racheal Wiseman (University of Liverpool) & Dr. Clare Mac Cumhaill (Durham University), moderated by Dr. Karen Detlefsen (University of Penn). The seminar will take place in the Golkin Room of Houston Hall at the University of Pennsylvania. Co-sponsored by the Penn Philosophy Department.

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