Medical Humanities Fellowship


What are the core values of medical practice, and have they changed over time? What is wellness in a holistic sense? How can a profession focused on health help us to deal with death? And how can art and storytelling impact the patient experience?

Collegium’s Medical Humanities Fellowship will consider these questions and more in a series of luncheons through the spring semester, each led jointly by a clinician and a scholar of the humanities. By the end of the semester, Fellows will formulate a personal philosophy of clinical practice reflecting an approach to medicine which is human-centered rather than problem-centered. 

Tentative topics include the following:  


Prose, Art, and Aesthetic in Medicine

Equity, Equality, and the Patient-Physician Relationship

Mental Illness, Wellness, and Spirituality

Healthy Dying: On Mortality, Disability, and Human Flourishing

Revisiting the Hippocratic Oath



TIME: Spring 2019 | Wednesdays | 12 PM




Previous Luncheons

January 19th:  Integral Healing? To what extent should clinicians be concerned with both body and spirit?

presentation by: Dr. Brian Wojciechowski, President, Catholic Medical Association of Philadelphia

To read a transcript of our inaugural presentation, please Click Here.

February 28th: Caring at the End of Life, End of life care and Catholic thought.

presentation by: Dr. Kristen Carey-Rock, Assistant Professor in Anesthesia and Critical Care (UPenn) and Anesthesiologist and Intensivist (HUP)

April 18th: Physician Responsibility and Global Health

Dr. Tony Luberti (medical director of informatics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and Dr. Andrew Steenhoff (medical director of the Global Health Center of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) join Caritas and Collegium for a discussion on global health and the responsibilities of healthcare providers in relation to it.

April 20th: On Caring for Depression in our Patients and Ourselves: an Open Conversation about both Illness & Wellness

Guest Speakers: Dr. Phil Gehrman, (Penn Sleep Center) and Dr. Richard Summers (Co-Director of Residency Training and Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, UPenn)