Magi Seminar Logistics

Workshop Information

perry world


  World Forum Room
 at Perry World House
   3803 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Timeline for Seminar
seminar timeline

Housing and Accommodations


  Harrison College House
        3910 Irving Street
   Philadelphia, PA 19104




All guests should have received detailed information about their accommodations by e-mail.  For any questions regarding accommodations or facilities, please contact the front desk staff of Harrison House.



Breakfast at Joe’s Cafe:

Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall, 3624 Locust Walk,

Ground Floor

Mon-Thurs opens at 8am; Fri opens at 8:30am



Dinner around Philadelphia:


Lunch at Kings Court English College House:

3465 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Mon-Fri, 11am-2pm


Landmark Americana: 3333 Market St

New Deck Tavern: 3408 Sansom St

Banana Leaf: 1009 Arch St

Baby Blues BBQ: 3402 Sansom St


You will have some free time to explore our historical host city of Philadelphia.  Please visit our "Locations of Interest" map, which includes locations important for the seminar, as well as some popular sites around the city.  For more ideas of Philly's offerings, you can visit

Daily Suggestions:

Wednesday                                                                                                               Thursday

Beer Lab@Franklin Institute, 7-10pm                                                           Schuylkill Outdoor Movie Night, 8:30pm

Chinese Lantern Festival, Franklin Square, 6-10pm                                   Night Skies@Joel N. Bloom Observatory, 7-10pm



The Magi Project is excited to host you for our inaugural summer seminar.  If you have any questions over the course of the seminar, please approach any of our hosts or address less immediate concerns to our e-mail at