Faith & Reason

“Faith is a continuous stimulus to seek, never to cease or acquiesce in the inexhaustible search for truth and reality… Intellect and faith are not foreign or antagonistic to divine Revelation, they are both prerequisites for understanding its meaning…for approaching the threshold of the mystery…The Catholic faith is therefore rational and also nurtures trust in human reason…In the irresistible desire for truth, only a harmonious relationship between faith and reason can show the correct path to God and to self-fulfilment.” -Benedict XVI



Are Christians monotheists? Is the doctrine of the Trinity coherent? And what is the significance of so complex a teaching for theology, anthropology, politics, and ordinary life?  Join us as we investigate one of the central doctrines of Christianity from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Location: Fox-Fels Hall Conference Room

Time:  This module will be split into 5 sessions. They will take place on 10/12 | 10/19 | 10/26 | 11/2 | 11/9 |, from 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

Register: For any questions and to RSVP contact Jessica Ferro, our Program Coordinator, at



 I        Joseph Ratzinger, Introduction to Christianity, Chapter V  (10/12)

II       Gregory of Nyssa, “On Not Three Gods”   (10/19)

III      Augustine of Hippo, De Trinitate, Book V  (10/26)

IV      Theresa of Avila, Seventh Mansions, Chapter I  (11/2)

      Jacques Maritain, The Person and the Common Good, Chapter IV   (11/9)


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