Food for Thought Module IV: Memory, History, Identity

As we begin the new year and (re)assess our resolutions, we may confront the question: who do I want to become in 2020?  That may seem like a bigger existential question than we may have bargained for on New Year’s Eve. But to what extent does it depend on other questions, no less profoundly existential, that we may be more likely to take for granted; that is:

  • How do I know who I am to begin with?  
  • Do I not sometimes (or regularly) forget important aspects of my life?  
  • How does what I choose to remember — and to omit — in the narrative of my self determine my identity?   
  • How simple is that ubiquitous piece of advice to “just be yourself”?

Join Collegium and Harrison College House for dinner as we continue to reflect together on these questions with the help of brief, provocative texts from the past and present.