Whom do we Trust? Fall 2019 Food for Thought Module I


In collaboration with the Year of Data, we are excited to announce the first module of the 2019 Academic Year, Whom do we Trust…? Or…how do we know what we know?  We will once again host our Food for Thought series (FFT) co-sponsored by and hosted in Harrison College House.

During our first module, we’ll explore questions of knowledge, self, and trust. We will explore thinkers like Descartes and Augustine, but also W.H Auden, A.A Milne, C.S. Lewisand Simone Weil, along with this year’s Penn Reading Project book Weapons of Math Destruction.

Please find the digital version of the reader here. Physical copies of the reader are available at each session.

Open to undergraduate students.

Dinner and Reader provided.

Details & Registration

Dates: Wednesdays, Sept. 4th – 25th

Time: 5:45 – 7pm

Location: Harrison College House, Seminar Rm. M20

Please RSVP here to save your spot and secure a copy of the reader.