Creation Ex Nihilo

Science, Faith, and Philosophy on the Origins of our Universe

June 2018

Collegium Institute and the Magi Project welcome all to our week-long Collegium Summer Seminar  structured around the question of the beginning of the Universe and the Big Bang theory, with a special focus on the contribution of Georges Lemaîte, as well as on planetary origins and the formation of our solar system. The Seminar will welcome a small cohort of graduate students to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for an intensive course led by eminent scholars across disciplines of physics, philosophy, and theology.

Through a daily series of lectures, seminars, and small group discussions, students will examine both cutting edge research and foundational wisdom that enables them to evaluate descriptive models of the origins of the universe, the relationship of space and time, physics and metaphysics, nature and grace, the human and the divine in an exploration some of deepest questions about the origins of our Universe.

Public Lectures

Select lectures are free and open to the public. The Magi Project welcomes guests to explore themes of science, faith, and philosophy any or all of the following lectures. Morning lectures begin promptly at 10 AM and afternoon lectures at 3 PM.


Monday, June 25
Tuesday, June 26
Wednesday, June 27
Thursday, June 28
Friday, June 29

Mornings 10 AM

On Georges Lemaitre

John Farrell

Philosophy of Creation: Part 2

Prof. William Carroll

Theology of Genesis

Rev. Joseph Laracy

Standard Model of Physics

Prof. Don Lincoln

Lemaitre and Cosmology

Rev. James Peebles

Afternoons 3 PM

Philosophy of Creation: Part 1

Prof. William Carroll

Genesis & the Ancient Near East

Rev. James Platania

Science of the Big Bang Theory

Prof. Don Lincoln

Exoplanets and Origins

Prof. David Charbonneau

All lectures will be held at

International House of Philadelphia

3701 Chestnut Street

For more information on our speakers, please visit the Magi Project at