Coffee with the Classics Module II: Beauty & the Good Life

Date: 10/12; 10/19; 10/26

Time: Wednesdays, 6:30pm-8:00pm


Beauty is in everything that surrounds us.  We see it in art, the human body, and nature, and we hear it in music of all sorts of cadences and melodies.  Where does this beauty come from? Even though much of the beauty we are aware of comes to us through our senses, there is also a beauty that comes to us through the intangible–the beauty of the intellect, of the virtues, and of the good.  What is the good, and how can it help us come to a vision of this seemingly inaccessible form of beauty?  How must we alter our conduct of life in order to live a good life, and essentially, to see true beauty?

Join us as we continue to explore perennial questions with Coffee with the Classics.  Students, together with faculty facilitators, will be coming together to examine brief selections from works by Plato, Plotinus, Schiller, Maritain, von Balthasar, and Hart.

Meetings will be Wednesdays, starting at 6:30pm, with dinner and texts provided free of charge.  Express interest or ask questions to Elizabeth Feeney: